Healer's Retreat & Training Center
Just 45 minutes from downtown Austin...
Wind Horse Hill

Horses are remarkable teachers.  They have an almost uncanny ability to teach us important people skills.  Working and playing with horses can help us learn the most vauable of lessons: by changing ourselves, we change the world around us.

Join us for individual, couples and family sessions.  
No prior horse experience is necessary.  All activities take place on the ground.
Participants learn about themselves and others by engaging in dynamic activities with horses and then processing the feelings, behaviors, and response patterns that emerge. This type of learning can be used to assist individuals and families to achieve healthy behavior patterns.

Benefits for Families and Individuals:

        * Increase self-awareness
        * Develop stronger, healthier relationships
        * Increase empowering communication
        * Listen with your heart
        * Create and maintain healthy boundaries
        * Recognize energy you project to others

Increase your access to the deep qualities of Self
As you increase these qualities in your life, you will see changes taking place both internally and within the relationships you care about so deeply.
‚ÄčIndividual, Couples or Family sessions can empower your skills using energy and non-verbal communication to send important message to everyone in your environment.  Equine teachers are unlike any human teacher you've ever experienced. They provide loving, transparent, and immediate feedback that will shine practical light on the thought patterns and limiting perspectives that may be holding you back.
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