Healer's Retreat & Training Center
Just 45 minutes from downtown Austin...
About Us

Wind Horse Hill is a place for healing, exploration and growth. 
We provide a quiet, country setting for professional trainings, healing retreats and individual, family or group explorations in the beautiful Texas Hill Country less than an hour from downtown Austin.

In our Equine Inspired Psychotherapy work, we combine cutting edge neuroscience and powerful psychotherapeutic practice with the art and science of animal assisted therapy.  Carefully crafted exercises open the door to insight and awareness.  We explore ourselves when we enter into healing equine relationships, a rich process that guides us to answers often forgotten and sometimes hidden within us.

Wind Horse Hill extends an invitation to slow down, unwind and connect with the best part of ourselves and others.

Why Horses

Horses provide a  multi dimensional experience in which to grow and learn to be our best possible selves.  They give us a non judgmental space in which to connect with not only our deep selves, but the wonder and world around us. 

Our Team


Sallie E. Ingle MA LPC-S

Sallie has over 15 years of experience using her well-honed skills to helping her clients create lasting change.  She believes that in order to deepen and enrich relationships, individuals need to bring their compassionate, creative Self to life and let anxiety and depression step back and out of their way.  
Sallie works with clients using a variety of strength-based therapeutic modalities. Together with the equine team at Wind Horse Hill, Sallie collaborates with her clients to increase clarity and confidence, access calm wisdom, and improve the ability to cope with life's stressful and sometimes traumatic events. Her passion is to help you to choose courageous, creative responses and solutions to the challenges you face.
Tammy Peterson 
Equine Professional

 Tammy has ridden, shown and trained horses throughout her life.  A manager of an Arabian breeding farm raising some of the finest performance horses in the country, she has decades of experience caring for horses throughout their lifespan.  Tammy oversees the management of Wind Horse Hill and the Equine Team, and is certified as an Equine Specialist through Greg Kersten's OK Corral Program.

Our Equine Team

Miko is one of our American Miniature Horses.  She also acts as one of the official equine greeters at Wind Horse Hill!  She was born in 2012, and was trick trained by Sue DeLaurentis and Allen Pogue of Red Horse Ranch in Dripping Springs.

Rafiq and Blue
Rafiq and Blue are our two full sized equine partners.  

Blue is an American Quarter Horse. He is a handsome, stately gentleman of about 20 years in age who has been trained in dressage.  

Rafiq, whose name means "Companion," is a 10 year old Arabian gelding.  He is a mix of Polish and Egyptian Arabian stock.  Trick trained by Alan Pogue as a member of his top performance team.  Click here to see some video of Rafiq strutting his stuff with his brothers under Alan's command!
Bonnie and Clyde are our miniature Donkey helpers and chief troublemakers.  Half Brother and Sister, Bonnie and Clyde are smart and curious beings, who love to investigate any activities on the property. 
Bonnie was bred to our neighbor's Donkey, Rocket last year. Their son is our latest addition: Charlie Bean.
Charlie Bean
Miko greets our newest equine team member, Charlie Chocolate Chip Cocoa Bean.
Bean was born on February 23rd, 2016.   Charlie was not able to nurse, so he is our "bucket baby"--meaning he received milk from our hands every two hours for the first several weeks of life.
He is thriving now, and learning how to sleep in the barn!